Weston Favell Evening WI Annual Report 2020-2021

We would like to begin our Annual Report by thanking you for staying with us this year. We were so pleased that all of you renewed your membership in March despite having no meetings for 12 months. We were able to forgo our portion of the annual membership fee because we have had tremendous support in our fundraising in the past and our expenditure over the year ending March 2021 had been reduced. As we are now able to resume meetings we can have some normality again but we will always aim to keep our members safe -  but isn't it great to be together again!

So we have 68 members at this time in October and have endeavoured over the past twelve months to keep everyone in touch. You will all have had a monthly phone call from a committee buddy at the begining of the month when the newsletter has been mailed out, or in a few cases delivered. We hope you have enjoyed the conversations and the news imparted. In the middle of the month another email has been sent with updates and a quiz, crossword, word search, colouring sheet to keep your little grey cells working. Last December the committee delivered large brown envelopes with our Annual Meeting information, Christmas card and small gift accompanied by cracker and chocolate pennies! This was no mean feat as I am sure you can imagine, as our members are well scattered, thank goodness for satnavs! We didn't attempt the usual chocolate Easter treat this year - difficult to get through letter boxes - in favour of a plant which lasted much longer anyway!

Then we had our meet ups in Abington Park when covid restrictions were lifted enough to enable groups of 30 to meet under guidance from National. The weather didn't always play fair and our first get together saw us dressed in coats, hats and in some cases, rugs. Still it was great to actually see our friends even if at arm's length and committee and members who had been phone buddys could actually meet in 'real life'.

After having to relocate our first face to face meeting in August we are now back in our usual venue with the prospect of a warm winter to come. Ann, having spent eighteen months cancelling speakers is now booking again and has plans in place for the rest of this year and into next year. Our Tea and Tatting afternoons have recommenced and we hope that these will build on the park get togethers in that we can meet 'socially'. please pop along on the Monday afternoon following the meeting, bring your knitting, join in with something crafty we provide but most importantly, enjoy meeting other members. We hope too that we can start planning to add to our regular meetings by visits to interesting places as we had planned to do last year. I have the programme that was formulated and plan to put as much as possible back into the calender for 2022. We know that it is all dependant on the progress made in lowering infection levels and be assured that we will always have the safety of members at the heart of what we plan.

We hope that you will to continue to enjoy being a member of our WI and that the next 12 months will see us get used to a new normal as we aim to offer you the very best experience we can.