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The following list shows our Programme of monthly meetings for
2020, giving the Date, Speaker, Subject and Competition.

9th January 2020
Derek Punchard
Flying for Life.
Competition: My Favourite Bird & Why.
13th January 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.

13th February 2020
Lucy May

Fabulous Fabrics Shoe Makeover.
Competition: A Shoe Horn.
17th February 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.

12th March 2020

Wendy Potts

All About Bee Keeping.
Competition: A Recipe Using Honey.
16th March 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk .
9th April 2020
Colin Hill
Dancing with Diana.
Competition: Make a Tiara.
6th April 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.
14th May 2020
WI Advisor
Resolutions & Members Evening.
Competition: Bring Something Purple.
18th May 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.
11th June 2020
Alan Marchant
Women of Bletchley Park.
Competition: WW2 Memento.
15th June 2020 Tea Tatting & Talk.
9th July 2020
Kevin Varty
Flushed With Success.
Competition: Design a 'Ladies' Sign.
13th August 2020
Christine Carr
Police Women of our Time.
Competition: Ode to a Policewoman.
10th September 2020
DIY Night.
Competition: A Home Safety Tip.
14th September 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.
8th October 2020
WI Advisor
Annual Meeting.
Competition: A Vegetable Animal.
12th October 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.
12th November 2020
Roy Smart
The Wallis Simpson Story.
Competition: My Favourite Piece of 'bling'.
16th November 2020 Tea, Tatting & Talk.
3rd December 2020 Merry Mince Pies 2.30 to 4pm.
10th December 2020
The WI Committee
The Members Christmas Party.
Competition: A Christmas Napkin Ring.



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